About us

The Morris Farm Trust is both a working farm and an educational resource for the communities of mid coast Maine. Our 50 acres of pasture and farmland support a University of Maine Extension Master Gardener Demonstration Garden, the Morris Farm School Garden, Margaret Ellis Community Gardens, our current resident farmer, Lauren Bruns and Lost & Found Farms, and in previous years the Morris Farm has hosted a variety of resident farms such as Buckwheat Blossom Farm and Alan-Dee Farm with poultry, holsteins cows, Clydesdale horses and Lacie the Nubian Goat and her kid, Lizzie. Ten acres of our land is wooded and features an interpretive trail that connects to the Sortwell Forrest and the Wiscasset Town Trails.  A yurt in the woods is within the acreage of the Morris Farm and is available for the hardy 4 season campers.

The Morris Farm offers vacation and summer farm camp programs, a variety of agriculture and nutrition-focused classes in local schools, field trips that cater to busloads of children from schools in the midcoast area. All the education programs provide hands-on, real life educational experiences for children of all levels and academic ability.  Educational opportunities for adults include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on experiences.  The Farm's programs for adults range from gardening workshops to seminars by advocates of sustainable agriculture and practitioners of traditional handcrafts and farmer-to-farmer training and information exchanges.


All of our programs rely on participation from community volunteers and utilize the farm's land and animals to foster respect for the earth and to instill a sense of shared responsibility for the wise stewardship of natural resources. 

Products produced on the farm are for sale in the Morris Farm Store.  In addition, the store sources products from many local suppliers.  Most suppliers of foods sold in the store are located within a 30-mile radius.  The store sells and raw milk, free-range eggs, fresh local vegetables, cheese, canned goods, berries (depending on the season), pork, chicken, fresh fish delivered from Port Clyde fresh Catch and many other wonderful products from our partners!