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History of The Farm

Founded in 1994, the Morris Farm was created in an effort to preserve and operate one of the last remaining farms in Wiscasset. In the ensuing ten years, trustees, community volunteers, members, and staff have worked tirelessly to restore and expand the farm's buildings and to rejuvenate the land. By all measures, our progress has been impressive. Contemporaneous with the renovation of the farm has been the development of educational programming designed to provide children and adults with the knowledge and skills to understand sustainable agriculture concepts, grow their own food, and support the local food system.


The Morris Farm offers fieldtrips and after school programs for kindergarten through high school students tied to Maine Learning Results that provide hands-on, real life educational experiences for children of all levels and academic ability as well as lectures, events and demonstrations for both children and adults.


All of our programs rely on participation from trained community volunteers and utilize the farm's land and animals to foster respect for the earth and to instill a sense of shared responsibility for the wise stewardship of natural resources. The farm's programs for adults range from gardening workshops to seminars  by advocates of sustainable agriculture and practitioners of traditional handcrafts and farmer-to-farmer training and information exchanges.