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Morris Farm Description

The Morris Farm in Wiscasset is both a working farm and an educational resource for the communities of midcoast Maine.  The Farm is an educational nonprofit, a 501(c)(3).  We offer programming designed to provide children and adults with the knowledge and skills needed to understand sustainable agriculture, environmental, and nutrition concepts, to grow, process and cook their own food, and to support the local food system, especially our growing population of farmers.  Programs for children include vacation and summer farm camps, a variety of agriculture and nutrition-focused classes in local schools and on the Farm, as well as field trips that cater to busloads of children from schools in the midcoast area. All education programs provide hands-on, real life experiences for children of all levels and academic ability.  Educational opportunities for adults include classes, lectures, demonstrations, as well as hands-on experiences. Adult education programs range from cooking and preserving, to gardening and crafting workshops, to lectures and presentations by experts on agricultural and environmental sustainability and other mission-related topics.  We welcome ideas for educational programs and will work with you to create a class.

Merry Fossel - Alna
Les Fossel - Alna
Madelyn Hennessey - West Bath
Jack Swanton Westport Island
George Adams - Wiscasset
Lori Ann Bryant - Newcastle
Trustee - Master Gardener Leader
Topher Belknap - Edgecomb
Bruce Hartford - Jefferson
Stephen Jarrett - Wiscasset
David Landmann - Windsor
Trustee - Farm and Facilities Chair

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Founded in 1995, the Morris Farm was created in an effort 
to preserve and operate one of the last remaining farms in Wiscasset. In the ensuing years, trustees, community volunteers, members, and staff have worked tirelessly to restore and expand the farm's buildings and care for the land. We are now a "Forever Farm," as designated by the Maine Farmland Trust.

Our 50 acres currently supports a resident farmer, Lauren Bruns, who is a MOFGA Journeyperson and operates Lost & Found Farm, which grows flowers, vegetables and herbs.  We also pasture cows and sheep from Straw's Farm and provide land for a University of Maine Extension Master Gardener Demonstration Garden, a school/farm camp garden, the Margaret Ellis Community Garden, and an independent solar farm.  Ten acres of our land is wooded and features a trail that connects to the Sortwell Forrest and the Wiscasset Town Trails.