Celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Morris Farm!

The Morris Farm was a family farm, most recently the home and farm of Forrest Morris. Mr. Morris was one of a vanishing breed of country gentlemen, a gentleman not by means but by manner; he was well-known and liked. He is particularly remembered for his ponies and the rides he gave on his carts and buggies. Others remember working as teenagers for Mr. Morris on the farm. The up welling of good feeling for the farm that helped save the Morris Farm from real estate development came in large part from people's memories of Forrest Morris and his family. The thousands of hours volunteered by members of the Wiscasset community, from teachers to tree surgeons, seamstresses to secretaries, show the depth of support for this farm and the goals of the Trust.

When the Morris Farm was offered for sale in May of 1994, Lincoln County citizens recognized the bounty of the farm's landscape and location and organized the Morris Farm Trust. In June of 1995, the Trust purchased the farms to save it from real estate development and convert it to an educational, community farm. This 60-acre farm is ideally situated to help people of all ages learn about ecologically sound farming and its importance to our communities. The Trust committed itself both to re-establishing the Morris Farm as a working farm and to using the farm as a focal point for supporting other farms in midcoast Maine.

So be a part of this historic celebration