Mainetarian Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Animal, Vegetable, Mainetarian: Cooking Class Using All Maine Ingredients

Lisa Packard, Morris Farm Educator

Sunday, November 12, 4:00-5:30


Looking to support local farmers and fishermen this holiday season? Join us for a Mainetarian cooking class with Lisa Packard, Morris Farm Educator. From seaweed to celeriac, and cranberries to kohlrabi, come learn how to prepare sumptuous holiday dishes from the bounty of Maine's farms and fisheries, including kid-friendly recipes for the busy family. Join us for hands-on learning at Morris Farm’s cozy kitchen. The mother of two hungry teenagers, Lisa fed her family entirely from food grown and produced in Maine for one year, and has showcased their experience at the Common Ground Fair. Suggested donation: $10/person.

Mainetarian Cooking Class

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