July 28th, 2018

11am to 2pm

Bringing  Midcoast Maine Corgi Lovers together to support CorgiAid and the Morris Farm.


The Morris Farm Trust is having its 2nd Annual CorgiWalk  This is a new event for us and we are happily going to the dogs. The fundraiser is to raise money for CorgiAid and The Morris Farm Trust. CorgiAid is an organization that pays for medical expenses for corgis and corgi crosses who come into rescues. This service makes a huge difference for the rescues and helps many corgis become healthy enough to be placed in forever homes. CorgiAid depends on local fundraisers, like this one, for its funding.

The day will be open to dogs of all breeds and will feature a Hamburger, hot dog and salad lunch, silly contests and activities.
The walk will have three paths this year. We are utilizing the public paths and NOT the Pasture.
people can register with their dogs individually or gather pledges.

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Items for Sale

We have metal leash racks available:

2 -Pembroke corgi- rescued & Loved

1-Cardigan- Let's Go For A Walk

How You Can Help


2.Bandannas Available for your corgi 

3.Order a graphic painting of your corgi

Cardy or Pem, just need photos to give exact markings

4.Order a 2019 calendar with pictures from the walk

5. Make a Donation - click below


6. Bid on Raffle Items -Raffle will start July 1st

RallyUp Raffle  Click Link

7. Gather Pledges

1/2 of all money collected is donated to  CorgiAid, Inc. Please be generous.

Please contact Angela at  the Morris Farm with any questions or concerns.

 207-882-4080 or Email:  

Download Pledge Sheet Here

Pledges have Advantages

1 free dog walk for every $50.00
2 free dog walks for every $100.00
3 free dog walks for every $150.00  etc

Walkers who do Pledge Sheets will receive Gift Certificates  For Ames True Value  Hardware and  Supply

$100.00 of pledges get $10.00
$250.00 of pledges get $25.00
$500.00 of pledges get $50.00
$1000.00 of pledges get $100.00

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CorgiWalk 2018

Once you have completed and submitted the registration form you will see a thank you message near the top of the form and you will receive a receipt in your email confirming your registration.

If using PayPal, left click on the drop down menu, initially populated with "1 Dog Walk", on the PayPal button and left click on your Number of Dogs option to change the payment amount. Once everything seems correct you can left click on "Pay Now" to continue your secured payment. If you have any questions or concerns give our office a call. 

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