AmeriCorps VISTA at the Morris Farm

The Morris Farm AmeriCorps VISTA Food Security Project began in 2014 in order to support the Morris Farm as we worked to enhance food security in the greater midcoast area, one aspect of our mission. Its goals are to develop the capacity of the Morris Farm to serve those facing food insecurity directly and to provide structures for local organizations and farmers to work together.
Our farm store reopened in 2014 after about a decade 
of closure in order to address project set up the mechanisms to serve and educate Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) beneficiaries through the farm store and to offer a subsidy program called Farm Fresh Rewards, a USDA program that is administered through the Maine Farmland Trust. FFR stretches SNAP benefits and furthers the buyer power of its beneficiaries, making local foods much more accessible than they might otherwise be. s the lack of healthy, nutritious, and affordable foods in the community and to provide a retail outlet for local farms. The VISTA 

The Morris Farm also hosts an annual Food Security Forum, in partnership with the Chewonki Foundation. This conference brings together a variety of local organizations and individuals who work on this issue in our community, as well as others from around the state.

CURRENT VISTA PROJECT: In 2019, the Morris Farm began a new VISTA project, which aims to start a Veggie Power Buying Club that will connect low-income community members to local food and produce and act as a resource for nutrition information, meal planning, food storage and other essential skills. The Local Food Buying Club will make locally-grown produce affordable to participants through the use Farm Fresh Rewards, and will also benefit local food producers – as access to local products is expanded, so too are the local producers’ markets.

If you are interested in participating in such a club or would like to be a part of the developmental process, please email