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Lincoln County Gleaners

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Lincoln County Gleaners (LCG) was formed in 2017 by several community groups within Lincoln County (Healthy Lincoln County, F.A.R.M.S, Twin Village Food Bank Farm, Damariscotta Baptist Church, Help Yourself Shelf, Wiscasset Community Center, Food Security Coalition, Lincoln County Regional Planning Commission, The Morris Farm)  out of a desire to combat food insecurity and diminish food waste. Volunteers work with local gardens and farms to collect excess produce, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to members of the community that might otherwise go unused. 

In their inaugural year, LCG gleaned 5,894 pounds of a wide variety of produce: lettuce, kale, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, cilantro, corn, apples, squash, green beans, and carrots. This produce came from five farms and was distributed among 16 accessible sites within the community. The farms included: Biscay Orchard, Brown’s Farm, Morning Dew Farm, Spear’s Farm, and White Oak Farm.

In 2018, LCG’s second year operating, they were able to glean over 8,000 pounds of produce – around a 2,000 pound increase! Additionally, they planted lettuce, squash, tomatoes, and carrots. Farms included Brown’s Farm, Morning Dew Farm, The Twin Villages Foodbank Farm, and the Home Growers Program. This produce went to food banks, summer lunch programs, and other community sites. 

Volunteers for Lincoln County Gleaners fill an assortment of roles. They can work directly with the produce by assisting with the harvest and the distribution of the food, and they can also help with community outreach. To reach LCG, email and follow their Facebook page.