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Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

The Morris Farm hosts a University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Demonstration Garden where we raise vegetables for the Maine Harvest for Hunger project to help food insecure families in our area. Founded by the Morris Farm's renowned "Ladies of the Dirt," the project has been going since 2000.  Using raised beds, intensive succession planting, fertility management, and season extension measures, we've been successful in producing over 1,000 pounds of vegetables each season for the last few years.  Our gardens are open to the public and one goal is to demonstrate organic production techniques.  Our "MG" group consists of 7 to 8 regulars with an average of 3 to 7 workers each week who gather for 2-3 hours to work in the garden.  The season starts in April and ends in October.
The vegetables we raise are donated to food pantries like the Boothbay Region Food Pantry and St Phillips "Help Yourself" Shelf in Wiscasset. The Knox-Lincoln Cooperative Extension office offers an excellent course to prepare and certify Master Gardeners.  Or, you can simply volunteer to help the "MGs."  To join us, contact Lori Ann Bryant at:

Above: our garden in the early morning mist.  Top right: some of a morning's harvest, waiting to be weighed.  Bottom right: hard at work in the garden.