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AmeriCorps VISTA Project

The AmeriCorps/VISTA food security project began in 2014 as a result of the Morris’s Farm decision to include enhancing food security within its mission. The main goals of the AmeriCorps/VISTA project are to develop the capacity of the Morris Farm Trust to serve the population directly and provide structures for local organizations and farmers to work together. Our farm store reopened in 2014 after about a decade of closure in order to address the lack of healthy, nutritious, and affordable foods in the community. The AmeriCorps/VISTA project set up the mechanisms to educate SNAP beneficiaries through the farm store and offers a subsidy program called Farm Fresh Rewards, a USDA program that is administered through the Maine Farmland Trust. The Morris Farm also hosts an annual Food Security Forum, in partnership with Chewonki, as well as providing support to the Lincoln County Gleaners.