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Local Farms
One of the greatest aspects of living in Midcoastal Maine is the food, glorious food.  There are many small organic farms, farmer's markets and CSAs available here.  For a complete list of Maine organic farms, markets, farm stands and CSAs, visit the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association page.  Here is a list of farms in the Wiscasset area:
Beau Chemin Preservation Farm
Waldoboro, ME  207-832-5789
Bluebird Hill Farm
Jefferson, ME  207-549-7205
Bridge Farm
Dresden, ME  207-737-8083
Broken Acres Farm
Jefferson, ME  207-549-5112
Newcastle, ME  207-380-4199
Dresden, ME 307-380-4014 
Maine Medicinal Inc.
Dresden, ME  207-737-8717
Fields Fields
Dreden, ME  207-737-2163
Goranson's Farm
Dresden, ME 207-737-8834
Hidden Valley Farm
Whitefield, ME  207-586-5837
Lalibela Farm
Dresden, ME  207-737-4319
Morning Dew Farm
Newcastle, ME  207-882-6487
New Beat Farm
Jefferson, ME  207-620-0540
Squire Tarbox Farm
Westport Island, ME  207-522-0840
Straw's Farm
Newcastle, ME  207-882-6875
Thirty Acre Farm
Whitefield, ME  207-549-5384
Treble Ridge Farm
Whitefield, ME  207-441-2098

Wandering Root Farm
(Our Resident Farm)
Wiscasset, ME 802-238-5740
Wild Asparagus Farm
Whitefield, ME  207-582-905


Educational Farms and Nonprofits

The Morris Farm is one of several agricultural educational resources available in Maine's Mid-Coast region.  Please visit our peers on-line and in person.