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A Field Course in Old Barns - March 19, 2019
A Field Course on Old Barns will be offered by MSAD #40 to begin in March in Waldoboro.  The course will be taught by Les Fossel, who will donate his instructor fee to the Morris Farm in Wiscasset.  If you are interested, sign up through MSAD#40:

This is a course for people who have an old barn (that perhaps needs repairs), want an old barn, or just love old barns! The emphasis will be on practical ways to maintain your old barn at an affordable cost. The first session is in the classroom at Medomak Valley High School. After that, meetings will be held in the old barns of class members and scheduled at times convenient for class members. There will be as many sessions as are required to visit the barns of class members who want their barns visited (but no more than 12 people). This course is co-sponsored by the Morris Farm Trust in Wiscasset through the instructor.