Support the Morris Farm:

We certainly appreciate the way you give! You do know that it goes to support the day to day expenses of the farm and to keep the mission alive and well! There is always so many things that need to be done and whatever you are willing to give helps to defray costs for maintaining the farm, educational programming, special up grades to systems, and projects of many magnitudes!


The Morris Farm Trust

2019 Wish List
  • Community Garden members!
  • Volunteers for the many aspects of the farm! Call us with what you might like to do 882-4080
  • Brush hog (5 or 6 foot w/3 point hitch)
  • Shop and farm tools
  • A 2nd double glass door commercial cooler for the store
  • New tables and chairs for the Learning Center
  • Golf cart or ATV for transporting materials out to the yurt and trails
  • Anyone interested in being on a development committee? Got some time to think and throw out ideas? We've got the coffee, give us a call and we will set up a time! 

Donate to The Morris Farm today

Your donation makes possible the good work we do here at the Morris Farm.  It supports vibrant programming for youth, families and adults, builds raised beds for our an educational garden, buys first aid supplies, helps to pay the vet bill for an ailing heifer, fixes a leaky roof, repairs trails, and teaches a child the pleasure and importance of growing their own food.

Thank you.

Donations are fully tax deductible. Members’ dues are used to help cover regular day to day operating expenses. The Morris Farm Trust is a not-for profit, 501(c)(3) organization. It is funded by program fees, individual gifts, corporate gifts, foundation grants, and annual membership dues. Our members understand and appreciate the value of sustainable farming and of local grown food. They know the importance of connecting our children to the earth and the creatures we share it with.