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The Morris Farm


Founded in 1995, the Morris Farm was created in an effort to preserve and operate one of the last remaining farms in Wiscasset. In the ensuing years, trustees, community volunteers, members, and staff have worked tirelessly to restore and expand the farm's buildings and care for the land. We are now a "Forever Farm," as designated by the Maine Farmland Trust. This year is our 25th year, though we will be celebrating in 2021. Please join us in the festivities to come!  

The Morris Farm is both a working farm and an educational resource for the communities of midcoast Maine. The Morris Farm Trust works to promote the values of sustainable agriculture and stewardship of the earth through education, demonstration and community involvement, while enhancing food security in the greater midcoast area.

PFAS Updates

PFAS Update, March 10, 2022

The Board of Trustees is relieved to share that the first step in investigating PFAS contamination on the farm has good news.

Our well water test results are in and we pass all current EPA and state of Maine regulations for PFAS contamination.

We will keep the community informed as we investigate further with soil testing.


Thank you for the continued support of the farm and our mission.

PFAS Update, February 22. 2022

At the Morris Farm, our first feelings and concerns are for all farmers and consumers who have been adversely impacted by PFAS chemicals in wastewater sludge.  On a very local level, this situation goes to the very heart of our mission, thus we are reacting proactively.


We take small comfort that:

1) This sludge was applied before the Trust took over ownership of the farm,

2) We are not in Tier 1 of the impacted farms,

3) The last sludge application was in the early 1990s and “only” to about 5 of our 50 acres, and

4) We are supplied with WWD drinking water.


Never the less we take this situation seriously and are taking the following steps:

1) Having our agricultural well water tested,

2) Working to identify which acres were used for application,

3) Working to identify which specific PFASs were applied to the Morris Farm, 

4) Researching possible remediation strategies, particularly organically based strategies, and

5) Working with our suppliers to determine what, if any, sludge was applied to their farms.


As this whole situation evolves and we learn more, we will be adjusting our response.  We welcome thoughts, insights, questions, and help from all.  Please contact us via email at info@morrisfarm.org to learn more or offer support. We thank you, in advance.  


David W. Landmann

President, Morris Farm Trust


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Our programming is designed to provide children and adults with an understanding of sustainable agriculture, the environment, and nutrition, the skills to grow, process and cook their own food, and the initiative to support the local food system, especially our growing population of farmers.

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Support the Morris Farm as we work to enhance food security in the greater midcoast area, one important aspect of our mission. Our goals are to develop the capacity of the Morris Farm to serve those facing food insecurity directly and to provide structures for local organizations and farmers to work together. Our recently opened Take-What-You-Need Farm Stand offers fresh, locally sourced produce for free the community. It is opened 7 days a week, and is stocked 5 days a week. 



We aim to be a resource for local agriculture. Our 50 acres currently supports a resident farmer, cows and sheep from Straw's Farm, and various community gardens. We sell products from local farms in our farm store, and maintain an updated directory of farms in Lincoln County.


In addition to our own classes and programs, community groups often use our facility. Currently, the Dam Jam Fiddlers and the Sheepscot Spinners meet in our Learning Center. We also rent the Learning Center, barn and portions of the land for a variety of events, including weddings.



Our farm store is open 6 days a week, Monday-Friday from 12 Noon to 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM- 2 PM.  We sell an assortment of food and craft products including: eggs, raw milk, cheeses, canned goods, honey and  maple syrup, and  decorative items. Most suppliers of goods sold in the store are located within a 30-mile radius and all are here in the state of Maine.

The Morris Farm Board of Directors meets the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:00 pm in the Learning Center.  The public is welcome to attend open meetings. 

Contact The Morris Farm

156 Gardiner Rd, Wiscasset, ME 04578, USA

(207) 882-4080

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The Morris Farm promotes values of sustainable agriculture and stewardship of the Earth through education, demonstration and community involvement, while enhancing food security in the greater Mid-Coast area.

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