Agriculture at the Morris Farm

In line with our mission, the Morris Farm hosts a variety of agricultural endeavors on our 50-acres: we rent farmland to Bunchi Farm and grazing land to Straw's Farm, as well as housing a community garden, a children's garden, a Master Gardener Demonstration Garden, and an independent solar farm.

Ready to begin!

Bunchi Farm at the Morris Farm

A Description from our farmer:

Cedric Maguire, Jessie Edwards, and Ike McPherson


Cell Phone: 207-380-7087


Facebook: Bunchi Farm


Bunchi Farm is a small herb and spice business dedicated to bringing fresh, naturally grown herbs and spices to coastal Maine businesses and customers. Jessie and I, Cedric, are both young, beginner farmers with a desire to learn and refine our skills and improve quality of our product. We strive to grow and sell a variety of herbs and spices not commonly found fresh or whole to the colder climate of Maine and the Northeast. Restaurants and local home chefs already have a strong desire for consistently available, on- and off-season herbs and spices. Our products will be grown without commercial pesticides or herbicides, leading to a cleaner, more ready-to-use product. Primarily we will sell dried herbs and spices from our farm, with fresh products to be sold wholesale or direct to visiting customers. Secondarily, we will be raising bantam chickens and angora rabbits, because we love animals! Jessie specializes in crochet, creating original works and patterns in traditional and amigurumi style. Cedric is a fitness trainer, working with all ages and abilities to be stronger and live healthier. Our respective trades work well with farming, as Jessie's creativity and Cedric's general durability are indispensable when it comes to operating a working, growing farm. We plan on future herb products such as fragrant centerpieces, teas, floral wreaths, and fresh herb packages.


Our main goals for this first year are to prove that we can grow plants, stay safe and healthy, and to not go terrifyingly into the red! We welcome the public to visit and ask questions about our process, the plants, or anything in general.

Master Gardener Demonstration Garden

The Morris Farm hosts a University of Maine Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Demonstration Garden where we raise vegetables for the Maine Harvest for Hunger project to help food insecure families in our area.


Founded by the Morris Farm's renowned "Ladies of the Dirt," the project has been going since 2000.  Using raised beds, intensive succession planting, fertility management, and season extension measures, we've been successful in producing over 1,000 pounds of vegetables each season for the last few years.  


Our gardens are open to the public and one goal is to demonstrate organic production techniques.  Our "MG" group consists of 7 to 8 regulars with an average of 3 to 7 workers each week who gather for 2-3 hours to work in the garden.  The season starts in April and ends in October.

The vegetables we raise are donated to food pantries like the Boothbay Region Food Pantry and St Phillips "Help Yourself" Shelf in Wiscasset. The Knox-Lincoln Cooperative Extension office offers an excellent course to prepare and certify Master Gardeners.  Or, you can simply volunteer to help the "MGs."  To join us, contact Lori Ann Bryant at

Margaret Ellis Community Garden

This garden was established on our land for use by the public.  


It is named in honor of Margaret Ellis, a founding member of the Morris Farm and of the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden. Ellis was one of the original "Ladies of the Dirt" and established the Wiscasset High School Heirloom Tomato Project. 


Whether you grow food for your family or for donation, you get the opportunity to work the soil and partake of the joys of gardening while saving money and making new friends

10' x 20' plots can be rented for $35 for the season. Additional information can be found in the Community Garden Plot Guidelines and Agreement form

If you are interested in renting a plot, or if you have any questions, contact or call 882-4080