Bionutrient Workshop          

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Morris Farm is proudly hosting the Bionutrient Food Association (BFA) for a workshop March 21-22, from 9-5 at The Morris Farm.  This two-day workshop is designed to teach the basic principles & practices of biological farming for higher quality crops – for better taste, pest &disease resilience, and shelf life, plus higher levels of nutrients beneficial to human health.


Executive Director of the BFA Dan Kittredge will lead the workshop. He has been an organic farmer since childhood and his experience managing farms and developing sustainable agriculture techniques has connected him with farmers around the world. Dan is passionate about raising the quality of nutrition in our food supply through collaboration with committed individuals and organizations who support growing and eating really good food. To find out more about Dan and the Bionutrient Food Association click here:


Dan will teach how the right combination of biological and regenerative farming approaches can steadily improve your crop quality.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Interpreting soil tests

  • Mineral balancing and amendments

  • Strategies for soil health improvement

  • Biological seed inoculation

  • Conductivity, refractometers and brix

  • In-season crop monitoring and feeding with nutrient drenches & foliar sprays


In collaboration with farm partners and citizen scientists from around the world, the Bionutrient Food Association is working with the Real Food Campaign to analyze the nutrient content of produce with a device their newly developed, handheld spectrometer. The Real Food Campaign is analyzing samples from a wide range of farm practices and environments, building a rich series of overlapping datasets, creating connections and understanding between management, environment, soil health and nutrient density.  Director Kittredge will have a spectrometer at the workshop to demonstrate their cutting-edge technology for attendees.  To learn more about the BFA Real Food Campaign’s mission and nutrient spectrometer click here:



The two-day workshop is $200, with a $25 discount for BFA members
and 50% off for the second person of a farm couple.


Learn more and register today at:

Syllabus for the Two-Day Workshop


High Bionutrient Crop Production:

Principles of Biological Management Course


Day 1: Biological Farming Introduction – Principles & Methods

Morning (9:00am-12:00pm)

• Why apply biological principles? What are the benefits of biological management?

• Soil biology basics (refresher)

• Identifying and minimizing limiting factors in your crops

• Soil testing: hands-on test interpretation

• Mineral balancing: target levels of macro and trace minerals

• “Math for minerals”: step-by-step calculations of important soil amendments

Afternoon (1:00-5:00pm)

• Evolution of pest & disease resistance

• Biological inoculation: the roles of bacterial and fungal species

• Transplantation (potting) soil: ideal composition, inoculants and enzyme stimulants

• Tillage: impact on bacterial-fungal spectrum; strategies for minimum tillage

• Fertigation/irrigation best practices

• Shifting gears: What do we know about phytonutrients and their potential health benefits

in food vs. supplement form?


Day 2: Biological Farming in Practice – Troubleshooting & Advanced Topics

Morning (9:00am-12:00pm)

• Review of Day 1 – attendee Q&A

• Biochemical processes of plant nutrition: nutritional needs by growth stage

• Visual guides of plant growth and health status

• Troubleshooting problems using plant and soil monitoring

• Crop and soil management tools: including how and why to check soil conductivity

• plant sap Brix and pH testing

• Saturated paste and tissue testing: how and when they make sense

Afternoon (1:00-5:00pm)

• Addressing soil deficiencies through cover crops and mineral amendments

• Tips on effective planting/transplanting solutions and drenches

• Foliar spraying: how & when to apply

• Final Q&A/close by 3:30pm

• OPTIONAL bonus session (3:30-5pm): discussion of foundational thinkers