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Upcoming Events
Sat, Jul 11
The Morris Farm
Gordon Bok Concert- MFT's 25th Anniversary Celebration
Join us for an evening of fun, music and celebration as Camden musician, Gordon Bok provides the soundtrack for Morris Farm's celebration of 25 years!
Recurring Events

Master Gardeners

Wednesdays, 9am  (April to October)

Our Master Gardener group gathers for 2-3 hours to work in the garden.  The season starts in April and ends in October. The vegetables that we raise are donated to local food pantries. To volunteer, contact Lori Ann Bryant at redvettelbry@gmail.com.

Dam Jam Fiddlers

Wednesdays, 7pm

Join the Dam Jam Fiddlers practice. They play a mix of New England Contra Dance, Quebecois, Irish, Scottish, and old time tunes. Intermediate and advanced level jam, but all levels and ages welcome. Call Nancy Parker 207-563-8455.

Sheepscot Spinners

2nd & 4th Thursdays, 5:30pm

For all levels! Beginners can learn how to spin with the support of a knowledgeable group. More experienced folks: practice spinning for knitting or any other related fiber craft while in good company.

Community Gardeners

Gardeners have access 24-7

The gardening season begins in May, after the plots have been tilled.  (No till gardening is also available, if properly maintained.) To rent a plot call the office at 882-4080.

Calendar of Events

Here's what we have going on at the farm! If you are interested in any of these events, check out each event, above, for more detailed information, which will include event descriptions and how to sign up!