Albee Farm

Alna, ME  207-586-5024

vegetable, fruit, herb



Bailey's Orchards

Whitefield, ME  207-549-7680



The Barber's Bunnies

Bremen, ME  207-529-5977



Beau Chemin Preservation Farm

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-5789

produce, flowers, duck eggs, fiber,



Beth's Farm Market at White Oak Farm

Warren, ME  207-273-3695

produce, bakery, seafood

farm stand


Biscay Orchards

Damariscotta, ME  207-563-3026

apples, cider


Bisson's Meat Market

Topsham, ME  207-725-7215

meat, eggs, milk


Black Earth Forest Farm

Newcastle, Maine 207-350-6671

meat (ducks, goose), eggs 


BlackOwl Maple

Jefferson, ME

maple syrup


Bluebird Hill Farm

Jefferson, ME  207-592-3541

vegetables, fruit, flowers

Blue Tin Farm

Edgecomb, Maine 

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats;

goat milk soap and lotion

Broad arrow Farm

Bristol, Maine 207-233-5199

poultry, pork, lamb

Bridge Farm

Dresden, ME  207-737-8083

livestock, produce


Buckwheat Blossom Farm

Wiscasset, ME  207-882-8082

meat, produce, livestock


Bud & Linda Bailey's Honey

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5101

honey, produce

Chase Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-7611

dairy, baked goods

Clark Farms

Jefferson, ME  207-563-6866


farm stand, CSA

Copper Tail Farm

Waldoboro, ME  541-729-5769

goat's milk yogurt, cheese, kefir, cajeta


County Fair Farm

Jefferson, ME  207-549-4793

meat,  produce

The Creamery at Bristolhof

Bristol, ME  207-380-1836


Crescent Run Farm

Gardiner, ME   207-659-2554

meat, livestock

Crystal Lake Farm & Nursery 

Washington, ME 207-845-2140

Herb, Vegetable, flower, tree seedlings 

Dandelion Spring Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-380-4199

vegetable, herb


Dragonfly Cove Farm

Dresden, ME 307-380-4014

meat, eggs, garlic

Dodge Cove Marine Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-529-4100


Eolian Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-563-6375 

or 207-504-6175

fiber, livestock

Fairservice Family Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-370-2286

meat, eggs, produce

Farmer in the Dell

Somerville, ME  207-458-3816

raw goat's milk, produce, flowers

Fields Fields Blueberries

Dresden, ME  207-776-2055

blueberries, blueberry leaf tinctures

Fuzzy Udder Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-549-3817

cheeses made from goat's, sheep's, 

cow's milk; sheep's milk yogurt 


Glidden Point Oyster Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-315-7066

oysters, lobster, shellfish, clams, mussels

Good Shepherd's Farm

Bremen, ME  207-380-0922

vegetables, sheep's milk, livestock

Goranson Farm

certified organic

Dresden, ME 207-737-8834

produce, flowers, herbs, 

strawberries, maple syrup

CSA, farm stand, farmer's market

Hamilton Farm & Barred Owl Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5497

meat, eggs,  goat's & sheep's milk cheeses


Hatchtown Farm

Bristol, ME  207-563-5851


High Hopes Farm

Bristol, ME  207-563-7906

vegetables, meat, eggs, flowers,

herbs, baked goods

CSA; farm stand

Hidden Valley Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-586-5837

eggs, meat, garlic

Imagine Dairy Farm

Warren, ME  978-471-8399

cheeses, creme fraiche, raw goat's milk

Island Mushroom Company

Westport Island, Maine 207-687-8455

gourmet mushrooms

Click on the names of farms to visit their websites.

Lakin's Gorges Cheese

Waldoboro, ME  207-230-4318



Lalibela Farm

Bowdoinham, ME

tempeh, vegetables, flowers


Lost & Found Farm

Wiscasset, ME  

flowers, blueberries, vegetables


Maine Medicinals

Dresden, ME  207-737-8717

tonics, tinctures, elderberry products


Mook Sea Farm

Walpole, ME  207-563-1456



Morning Dew Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-350-5075

vegetables, pork



Muscongus Bay Aquaculture, Inc.

Bremen, ME  207-529-4100



Mystique Cheese

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-5136

cheese made from goat's milk


Old Narrow Gauge Farm

Alna, ME  207-837-8510

pork, eggs, jams


On the Mountain Farm

Warren, ME 207 656-2018

Over the Moon Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-737-9035

raw goat's milk & cheese, eggs, flowers


Oyster Creek Mushroom Company

Damariscotta, ME  207-563-1076

mushrooms & mushroom products


Pemaquid Falls Farm

Bristol, ME ‪207-370-9581‬

Vegetables, fruits, flowers, eggs

Pine Street Gardens

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-0437


Pleasant Pond Orchard

Richmond, ME  207-737-4443

fruits, jams, granola

Port Clyde Fresh Catch

Port Clyde, ME  207-691-4154

Fish CSF


Pumpkin Vine Family Farm

Somerville, ME  207-549-3096

goat's milk, yogurt, cheese


Rice Farms Maple Syrup

Wapole, ME  207-380-4929

maple syrup


Ruit Farm North

Bristol, ME  207-529-2549

cheese, fiber, livestock


SeaLyon Farm

Alna, ME  443-924-0352

lavender, vegetables, berries, hay

Senior FarmShare Program


Sheepscot General

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5185

vegetables, strawberries, apples,

maple syrup



Sheepscot Valley Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-0011

cow's milk


Shepherds Craft Farm

Whitefield, ME

fiber, meat, apples, maple syrup


Singing Prairie Farm

Newcastle, ME



Spears Farm

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-4488

vegetables, meat

farm stands, CSA


Springtide Farm

Bremen, ME  207-529-5747



Straws Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-882-6875

raw cow's milk


Swallowtail Farm and Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-837-3601

yogurt, cheese, kefir



Sweetwoods Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-380-5228

maple syrup & products


Tarbox Farm

Westport Island, ME  207-522-0840

produce, flowers, culinary herbs



Tender Soles Farm

Richmond, ME  207-620-0030

vegetables, flowers, herbs, meat,




Thirty Acre Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5384

fermented products


Tim's Sugarshack

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5016

maple syrup


Treble Ridge Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-441-2098



Twin Village Foodbank Farm

Damariscotta, ME



Veggies to Table Farm

Newcastle, ME 207-253-9803

vegetables grown to donate

Wandering Root Farm

Waterford, ME  802-238-5740

vegetables, eggs, meat

Wanderwood Farm,

Nobleboro, ME 207-370-4086

Produce, flowers, eggs


White Duck Farm

Waldoboro, ME

vegetables, fruit


Willow Hill Farm

Wiscasset, ME  207-882-7816



Wishing Well Acres

Edgecomb, ME  207-882-5407

livestock, meat, emu eggs


Click on the names of organizations to visit their websites.

If you know of any farms in Lincoln County that are not on this list,
please contact us & let us know.  Thank you!

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