Albee Farm

Alna, ME  207-586-5024

vegetable, fruit, herb



Bailey's Orchards

Whitefield, ME  207-549-7680



The Barber's Bunnies

Bremen, ME  207-529-5977



Beau Chemin Preservation Farm

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-5789

produce, flowers, duck eggs, fiber,



Beth's Farm Market at White Oak Farm

Warren, ME  207-273-3695

produce, bakery, seafood

farm stand


Biscay Orchards

Damariscotta, ME  207-563-3026

apples, cider


Bisson's Meat Market

Topsham, ME  207-725-7215

meat, eggs, milk


BlackOwl Maple

Jefferson, ME

maple syrup


Bluebird Hill Farm

Jefferson, ME  207-592-3541

vegetables, fruit, flowers


Bridge Farm

Dresden, ME  207-737-8083

livestock, produce



Buckwheat Blossom Farm

Wiscasset, ME  207-882-8082

meat, produce, livestock



Bud & Linda Bailey's Honey

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5101

honey, produce


Chase Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-7611

dairy, baked goods


Clark Farms

Jefferson, ME  207-563-6866


farm stand, CSA


Copper Tail Farm

Waldoboro, ME  541-729-5769

goat's milk yogurt, cheese, kefir, cajeta



County Fair Farm

Jefferson, ME  207-549-4793

meat,  produce


The Creamery at Bristolhof

Bristol, ME  207-380-1836



Crescent Run Farm

Gardiner, ME   207-659-2554

meat, livestock


Dandelion Spring Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-380-4199

vegetable, herb



Dragonfly Cove Farm

Dresden, ME 307-380-4014

meat, eggs, garlic


Dodge Cove Marine Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-529-4100



Eolian Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-563-6375 

or 207-504-6175

fiber, livestock


Fairservice Family Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-370-2286

meat, eggs, produce


Farmer in the Dell

Somerville, ME  207-458-3816

raw goat's milk, produce, flowers

Local Farms

Fields Fields Blueberries

Dresden, ME  207-776-2055

blueberries, blueberry leaf tinctures

Fuzzy Udder Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-549-3817

cheeses made from goat's, sheep's, 

cow's milk; sheep's milk yogurt 



Glidden Point Oyster Farm

Edgecomb, ME  207-315-7066

oysters, lobster, shellfish, clams, mussels


Good Shepherd's Farm

Bremen, ME  207-380-0922

vegetables, sheep's milk, livestock


Goranson Farm

certified organic

Dresden, ME 207-737-8834

produce, flowers, herbs, 

strawberries, maple syrup

CSA, farm stand, farmer's market


Hamilton Farm & Barred Owl Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5497

meat, eggs,  goat's & sheep's milk cheeses



Hatchtown Farm

Bristol, ME  207-563-5851



High Hopes Farm

Bristol, ME  207-563-7906

vegetables, meat, eggs, flowers,

herbs, baked goods

CSA; farm stand


Hidden Valley Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-586-5837

eggs, meat, garlic


Imagine Dairy Farm

Warren, ME  978-471-8399

cheeses, creme fraiche, raw goat's milk


Lakin's Gorges Cheese

Waldoboro, ME  207-230-4318



Lalibela Farm

Bowdoinham, ME

tempeh, vegetables, flowers


Lost & Found Farm

Wiscasset, ME  

flowers, blueberries, vegetables


Maine Medicinals

Dresden, ME  207-737-8717

tonics, tinctures, elderberry products


Mook Sea Farm

Walpole, ME  207-563-1456



Morning Dew Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-350-5075

vegetables, pork



Muscongus Bay Aquaculture, Inc.

Bremen, ME  207-529-4100



Mystique Cheese

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-5136

cheese made from goat's milk


Old Narrow Gauge Farm

Alna, ME  207-837-8510

pork, eggs, jams


On the Mountain Farm

Warren, ME 207 656-2018

Over the Moon Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-737-9035

raw goat's milk & cheese, eggs, flowers


Oyster Creek Mushroom Company

Damariscotta, ME  207-563-1076

mushrooms & mushroom products


Pine Street Gardens

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-0437



Pleasant Pond Orchard

Richmond, ME  207-737-4443

fruits, jams, granola

Port Clyde Fresh Catch

Port Clyde, ME  207-691-4154

Fish CSF


Pumpkin Vine Family Farm

Somerville, ME  207-549-3096

goat's milk, yogurt, cheese


Rice Farms Maple Syrup

Wapole, ME  207-380-4929

maple syrup


Ruit Farm North

Bristol, ME  207-529-2549

cheese, fiber, livestock


SeaLyon Farm

Alna, ME  443-924-0352

lavender, vegetables, berries, hay

Senior FarmShare Program


Sheepscot General

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5185

vegetables, strawberries, apples,

maple syrup



Sheepscot Valley Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-0011

cow's milk


Shepherds Craft Farm

Whitefield, ME

fiber, meat, apples, maple syrup


Singing Prairie Farm

Newcastle, ME



Spears Farm

Waldoboro, ME  207-832-4488

vegetables, meat

farm stands, CSA


Springtide Farm

Bremen, ME  207-529-5747



Straws Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-882-6875

raw cow's milk


Swallowtail Farm and Creamery

Whitefield, ME  207-837-3601

yogurt, cheese, kefir



Sweetwoods Farm

Newcastle, ME  207-380-5228

maple syrup & products


Tarbox Farm

Westport Island, ME  207-522-0840

produce, flowers, culinary herbs



Tender Soles Farm

Richmond, ME  207-620-0030

vegetables, flowers, herbs, meat,




Thirty Acre Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5384

fermented products


Tim's Sugarshack

Whitefield, ME  207-549-5016

maple syrup


Treble Ridge Farm

Whitefield, ME  207-441-2098



Twin Village Foodbank Farm

Damariscotta, ME



Veggies to Table Farm

Newcastle, ME 207-253-9803

vegetables grown to donate

Wandering Root Farm

Waterford, ME  802-238-5740

vegetables, eggs, meat


White Duck Farm

Waldoboro, ME

vegetables, fruit


Willow Hill Farm

Wiscasset, ME  207-882-7816



Wishing Well Acres

Edgecomb, ME  207-882-5407

livestock, meat, emu eggs

If you know of any farms in Lincoln County that are not on this list, please contact us & let us know.  Thank you!

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